Storage Tanks
Storage Tanks
Single Wall Steel Tanks
We manufacture Single wall steel tanks for above and/or underground are used for storage of oil and petrol products according to the UL58 and EN122851 standards. Single wall steel tanks can be manufactured with a capacity that reaches up to 100 m3.

All tanks are welded fully automatic from the outside and semi automatic from the inside, we use Dished ends with and without weldings. Different kinds of coatings can be applied for underground protection against corrosion and aggressive soils (Endoprene, Epoxy, Polyurethane, or FRP). Internal coatings are applied as well for special products.

Tanks could be manufactured with several compartments to have a wider range of products for storage. The tanks are available with a wide selection of accessories such as anchoring systems, tank sumps, street covers, pipes, overfill protection, among others.


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